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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. oh man, a nail biting finish leads to super disappointment, a look at what crushed the 49ers chance of becoming super bowl champions. >> in the end the city was generally calm and we will tell you about the people who were arrested. we are live at the scene of the biggest homicide of the year, we will find out who gunned down two teenage boys. and a big announcement for virgin america, the new flights they are offering and how it can benefit specific travelers, it is all ahead on the news news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this
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is ktvu morning news. >> good morning everybody, i am brian flores. so close. . some low clouds came down mainly a low cloud deck, hazy skies and mainly 50s and 60s and we'll see if this pattern holds in about ten minutes. good morning, traffic is doing well around the bay area and so far we had a big accident in san francisco which was cleared up. this is highway 4, the traffic here looks good coming up to the willow pass grade. also if you are driving on 880 in oakland, it is nice and roadwork is not there and traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. the san francisco 49ers came close to pulling off the
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greatest come back in super bowl history but it is the baltimore ravens who are the new pro champions of football. >> they have won it... >> reporter: at one point the ravens led 28-6 and no team has ever come back from a 10 point deficit. 49ers came roaring back in the second half but the thrilling rally came five yards short less than two minutes to go and the ravens ended up winning 34- 31. [applauds] [applauds]. >> well the big come back in the second half had many 49ers holding out for a big win and having their team in the super bowl was a big achievement in its own and many were brought to tears from the disappointing loss. crowds in san francisco were relatively calm last night but police still made some arrests. alex savage is in san francisco to talk about the extra precaution we are taking to
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prevent a repeat in vandalism, alex? >> reporter: they remained relatively calm and of course san francisco police had a lot of extra officers out in force and they had a lot of potential hot spots including the mission district and that's where we are now, things are still quiet right now. they had three times as many officers on the streets compared to an average sunday night and 49ers spilled out after that crushing loss to the ravens in super bowl 47. there was one situation where some fans threw bottles at officers but officers quickly got things under control there. they made one arrest for public intoxication and one person was arrested for trying to set something on fire on mission street. it did not cause significant problems and most fans were
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behaving themselves. they had extra patrol officers on last night and of course they were trying to prevent a repeat of what we saw where vandalism and violence took place in many areas across the city. as we bring you back out here live in the mission district a number of streets were shut down sort of a security measure to make sure they could control unrulely crowds and many of the streets are now back open this morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. collin kaepernick was the first to admit this was a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers but the young quarterback pulled off the greatest come back. collin kaepernick led 4 scoring drives throwing a 31 touchdown pass to michael crabtree and running 15 yards for a t- b-but they came up short in the final minutes of the game. >> i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go score a touchdown, we thought it was our game.
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>> a lot of people thought it was their game for a moment but 49ers were hopeful and we had plenty of reasons to be hopeful, this was collin kaepernick's 10th start. it was the first time two brothers faced off in such a major sporting event and we will show you what jim harbaugh did to show his brother support and why they both said it was one of the hardest games in their careers. >> and people were stopped after the lights went out in the superdome. it was just after the first start when the superdome went dark and they sensed what they called an outage. there was an embarrassing blackout here which happened against the pittsburgh steelers, the lights went out at candle stick twice. pg&e took responsibility and lights failed in the second and
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they failed to fix the power problems. a teenage boy is dead, another is injured in a shooting late last night. janine de la vega joins us to tell us how this is just the latest outbreak in the neighborhood. >> reporter: police just wrapped up their scene in the investigation and right here there was a pickup truck, bullets picked up that truck and they have just taken it away. officers said the shooting happened along this side of the street. a body was found at the end of the street where there was a stop sign and that's just across the street from kennedy elementary school. a group of teens was walking near audubon drive in east san jose when another group opened fire on them. when police arrived they found two teenage boys suffering from gunshot wounds. one died at the scene and the other is expected to survive after being rushed to the
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hospital and we spoke to a neighbor who heard all the gunfire. >> i thought it was just a celebration from the football game but it was just too rapid. >> reporter: police spend the night canvassing the neighborhood and talking to witnesses and officers are still investigating a motive and they are looking into the possibility that this was a gang related shooting. neighbors say a shooting happened nearby at a park six months ago and they say they are used to at least some of the this violence and they are still shaken up over what happened. this is the city's 4th homicide of the year. reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, san jose firefighters found a large marijuana grow operation inside. police removed hundreds of marijuana plants just before midnight. firefighters were called to the home to check out reports of smoke and they found a small fire in a garage and were able
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to put it out quickly. it was not until they entered the home that they found the marijuana. >> once we assisted we went upstairs and checked the attic and we found even more rooms with marijuana. we have since ceased the -- seized the marijuana and found about 400 plants. >> tara moriarty is on the way to the scene and she has a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. red cross is helping displaced people in the western addition neighborhood. it happened last night on gary boulevard. everybody who lived in the home managed to get out safely before firefighters arrived. they were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and the number of items in the homemade it hard to fight the fire. >> it is a real danger, it is a danger for a rapid fire spread and it is dangerous for a search of the building to make sure nobody is in peril.
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>> a candle started the fire there. and another fire started, a bash cue grill on the back deck of a home started that fire. four people were in the home and safely escaped. they evacuated neighbors as a precaution, and nobody was hurt. police are looking for a missing man in arizona. they called police after the man began acting strangely saturday. he then headed to the park and a mountain biker was the last person to see him. >> somebody who fit the description, 6-foot 6 white male who was up and disrobing himself and chanting. >> and relatives say the man may be suffering from mental illness. new this morning, virgin america is said to make a big
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announcement. they are planning to add nonstop service to los angeles. the new route would go into effect on may 1st and until now they have only flown out of fso and they have been campaigning to add flights out of san jose. it wills bring 50 new jobs to the airport. and oracle racing team will be back in the water for the first time in months. the boat was damaged when it flipped over for the cup races. the damages and construction work are nearly complete and the race will be held this summer. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic, hello, sal. you know it happened but -- >> it is a little bit of a sad monday. >> but we have to go on and traffic is doing well if you want a nice drive to work and
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right now would be a good time to take the drive without delays. let's show you some pictures and 80 is starting off well to the mcarthur maze with no major problems and the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza so you may want to think about getting out here before we get the huge delay. that usually happens in the 6:00 hour so you have a little bit of time. let's talk about the peninsular now. southbound 101 traffic looks good between 380 and it is only a 9 minutes -- 380 and 880 and if you are driving on interstate 880 and fremont, we are off to a nice start, let's go to steve. we have low clouds coast and bay and in fact some of the that low cloud deck shows some fog inland and temperatures cooled off compared to last week and we get more of that
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westerly direction. some areas of fog were mainly coast and bay more so inland and it is a dry pattern and it looks like it will be more of a cold system, until mid-week, some low clouds and sun, 39 and 50 oakland, 49 half-moon bay, some temperatures have come up, there is a little bit more moisture and we will stay to the north, but behind that later in the week it looks like it will make it, hazy skies, coastal fog, more so than inland fog. upper 50s and lower 60s, this is not a summertime pattern but we'll see more compared to the coast which is a flip flop of what we saw in the last couple of weeks. not much change, it looks like late thursday early friday we are one and done and it will be cold and windy it looks like. all right, steve, thank you very much. coming up, the battle over gun control is heating up.
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>> in the coming weeks we will use whatever power this office holds to end gauge my -- engage my fellow citizens... >> the president talks about stricter gun laws. and we will have more on facebook and the reason they plan to light some candles. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the weather straight ahead.
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. good morning some low clouds and fog will be sunny but we are a little cool on the temperatures, 50s and 60s. very emotional there, a special performance was held during the free became ceremonies, jennifer hudson sang with 26 children from
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sandy hook elementary from newtown connecticut, they wore ribbons to honor their classmates and teachers who were killed in the deadly shooting. they tried to rally support for president barack obama's gun control proposals. because of recent steps the city has taken to address gun violence they are pushing stricter background checks for gun buyers, something the national rifle association opposes... >> it is a fraud to call it universal. it is never going to be universal, the criminals are not going to comply, just because they resist it does not mean we can't do things. special interest groups come and complaint about things. we will listen to them and make the right decision. >> over the weekend, they released a photo from camp
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david back in august. this morning, john kerry will introduce himself to employees and over the weekend, he made connections with leaders around the world and he made phone calls to israeli and palestinians leaders assuring them they will continue to pursued a middle east peace agreement. he also spoke with japan, and new mexico. he was sworn in on tuesday. and he met with the french president and this is new video of the president arriving in france this morning. it is part of the tour the vice- president is making and he will meet with david cameron tomorrow. former president bill clinton will be meeting with speakers of mayor ed koch. mourners will gather at
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manhattan's temple emanuel. the israeli couldn't slate is -- consol late is also -- consulate is also scheduled to speak. >> and hundreds gathered in arizona to say goodbye to a bluffed school -- be loved school bus driving who tried to protect 20 children on his bus. he shot him -- jimmy lee dykes shot him and -- jimmy lee dykes shot him -- jimmy lee dykes shot him and then took a five- year-old and held him in an underground bunker as has been holding him ever since. the fog may be -- i will let steve explain that, i saw some on the san mateo bridge and that's why we have a
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meteorologist on our staff he can explain that stuff. it does look good for the bay bridge toll plaza and when you get there, it has been light at the toll plaza with no major problems. i want to check out san jose downtown, it does not look too bad, northbound 208 traffic is moving a -- 280 traffic is moving along well. >> coastal inland fog, there is a lot of coast and bay fog helped along by a system coming in. it was clear and we have been dealing with 40s and 50s. oakland airport 48 half-moon bay, 41 san jose and i have seen it at antioch more in the 40s tropical clouds staying out of the south one system is showing a stronger system coming in on thursday and i think we will get a lot of cold
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air out of it. coastal fog more so than inland fog. warmer temperatures on the coast which was not the case last week. wednesday increasing clouds and it looks like clouds are increasing into early friday and we should have sunny skies on the weekend and it will be cold in the morning and windy to breezy. >> steve, thank you, today is a special day in menlo park. the largest social network is celebrating its 9th anniversary. mark zuckerberg opened up to his classmates and added columbia and stanford and it now has one billion users around the world and is available in 70 languages. 4:49 is the time eight people are dead, dozens are hurt, what happened moments before a bus driver lost control in southern california.
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plus now that the season is over, what is next for alex smith and what will happen to the football player and why it could come at a high cost.
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. beyonce thrilled the crowd with an explosive performance
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comes just two weeks after lip- sinking at the presidential inauguration. she sang many hits and also reunited with four members of the destiny's child. and the ultimate sibelling rivalry, it was the first time two brothers faced each other in a major game in the u.s. and in the end, it was the older brother john who won and the coach said he is proud of his brother and just as proud of his team. >> we are right on the brink of winning it and it was a heck of a football game. >> both brothers complained the harbaugh sibelling rail are you was a -- rivalry was a distraction at the beginning of the game. what is next for alex smith? some suggest they will try to
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trade him and they say it will cost $8.5 million in 2013 and they must give something to the 49ers. they could allow the organization to tee side the organization -- decide the organization possibly keep him out of the division. i am starting in the south bay and this morning i think you are seeing some pretty good traffic, looking at 280 and 101 and 85 and i think if you want to start your monday off right, you should probably think about going before too long, although you don't have to go right now i would like you to stay around and watch for a while. right now 280 moving well to san jose and the commute at the bay bridge toll place, this commute does not get busy until the 6:00 hour and so you have a little bit of time right now. if something happens, we will be all over it and across the bridge time is about eight minutes now. if you are driving on the san mateo or the dumbarton, there
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is a little bit of haze or fog, some type of misty clouds but not enough to impair your visibility on that span. over the bay the fog is back and when i say that, we are talking inland areas this time of year but it is a reversal. a few clouds are overhead and some areas of fog low visibility for some but it is coastal more than inland although it is generally clear. low clouds will be with us nights and mornings but again this is coastal clouds. 30s , 40s and 50s, temperatures have come up in the air and a lot of those high clouds are over the weekend. most will stay to the north until thursday and a colder system will come in and it looks like rain. the first couple of weeks are looking grim for rain and there is not much going on for us.
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50s and 60s, a little bit warmer inland, it will probably thicken up as the system gets closer late into thursday and they will go thursday into friday with a colder pattern. lows back into the 30s. police in fairfield are asking for the public's help with the strangling death of a 13-year-old girl. they are asking them where the girl's naked body was found and interviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses and they are also asking anybody with information to come forward. a guardian foster home reported the girl missing on friday. meanwhile police have made an arrest during the first friday celebrations in downtown oakland. the three people wounded are expected to survive. police say until the shooting,
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this time of the year had been free of violence. and in san bernardino county, it appears a break problem caused the bus to collide with a car and pick up truck. the accident sent 38 people to the hospital. >> there were several persons that were ejected as well and that's where several of the our fatalities were from. >> the bus was carrying a tour group. and he will not be prosecuted in an airport after all. he was arrested new year's day after he allegedly became angry with a tsa act. witnesses claim he was under the influence. according to it. m z, roma are -- tmz, roma will not be charged. it was a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers and we will tell you how the fans responded
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after. >> also big changes just down the road for many drivers in san francisco. >> good morning on the golden gate bridge, traffic does look good and i will tell you more about the morning weather and the commute when we come back.
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